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World-class radiation oncology services in NJ
The radiation oncology department at CentraState’s Cancer Center in Freehold, New Jersey is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). That means the department meets the highest standards of quality care. We offer the most advanced equipment, as well as leading board-certified radiation oncology experts who are among the top in their field. Collaboration among members of the healthcare team is always a hallmark at CentraState. Our radiation oncologists work closely with surgeons and other cancer experts, physicists, nurse cancer navigators, and each patient’s primary physician to make sure every aspect of your treatment is carefully planned and coordinated with you – or your loved one – always at the center of care.
We stay a step ahead with the radiation oncology services and staff at CentraState
At CentraState, the radiation delivery systems we use to combat cancer are the same as those of the leading medical institutions in the country. They include external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) with IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy), IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) and brachytherapy (internal radiation therapy) treatments. Learn more about another state-of-the-art form of radiation therapy called proton therapy.
Radiation equipment at CentraState features highly sophisticated, highly precise and complex instruments, such as stereotactic devices, linear accelerators, computers and laser beams, including:
  • Varian 21 EX linear accelerator (treatment machine) with On Board Imaging including Cone Beam CT
  • Elekta Infinity® linear accelerator with volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) and HexaPOD System – VMAT enables clinicians to "shrink wrap" the dose around a tumor by simultaneously manipulating the position, speed, and dose rate of the treatment unit. This provides highly targeted treatment, minimizing the dose to healthy tissue. VMAT also reduces daily treatment time, maximizing patient comfort. The HexaPOD System, guided by an infrared-camera, enables sub-millimeter patient positioning accuracy, improving accuracy.
  • Philips dedicated CT simulator for true 4D treatment planning. CT is performed using respiratory gating to allow physicians to tailor treatment volumes to patient anatomy during the breathing cycle.
  • BrainLab Radiosurgery system
  • Nucletron high dose rate brachytherapy system
  • Philips treatment planning computer system
When you are facing a diagnosis of cancer, you want the best possible treatments and technology available to help you fight cancer. And these technologies are best in class. Know that your radiation oncologists and primary care physicians collaborate to determine the best course of treatment for you, and along with your cancer navigator and other members of the team, deliver treatment in a compassionate and supportive environment. You will have several sessions before treatment begins so that your doctors and care team can consult with you and obtain precise measurements for the specifics of your treatment. They will also plan follow up care for you to help you cope with any side effects.

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Find one of the top, board-certified radiation oncologists at CentraState.
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