Imagine a Cancer Center in your community that could bring you tomorrow’s treatments, TODAY. At the Statesir Cancer Center at CentraState, in Monmouth County New Jersey, our specialists are advancing cancer care with innovative clinical trials and powerful new therapies.


The specialists at CentraState’s Cancer Center have trained at the world’s leading academic institutions.



From the latest clinical trials, to robotic-assisted technologies, CentraState’s Cancer Center
provides the most advanced treatments available.

Active Surveillance

For some cancers that develop slowly, or in circumstances where a patient’s age and medical history play a role, active surveillance may be the best treatment option.



Our oncology surgeons practice the most advanced surgical cancer treatments, such as minimally invasive robotic surgery and video-assisted thoracic surgery.

Radiation and Proton Therapy

Radiation & Proton Therapy

Our radiation and proton delivery systems allow eligible patients to benefit from the most precise and advanced form of radiation therapy available today.



If your doctor has determined that chemotherapy is the appropriate course of treatment for your cancer, you can be assured that every effort is made to make you comfortable in our facility.

Immunity & Hormone Therapy

Immunity & Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy helps prevent cancer cells from growing and may be used in combination with other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

If you qualify, your doctor may suggest you consider becoming part of a clinical trial that supports research into a particular kind of medical treatment for cancer.

“I was very pleased with everyone at CentraState—they were all so caring and understanding,” Deborah says. “I never doubted that I was getting anything but the very best treatment.” read more…

Deborah Mozak, breast cancer survivor

“The CentraState staff were wonderful. They explained that I would undergo aggressive treatment for an aggressive cancer, but the doctors, nurses, dietitian, and social worker really got me through it.” read more…

Darius Parrish, head and neck cancer survivor

“I’ve been using a new word, ‘reborn,’ and that’s how I feel. I feel very, very fortunate that I had excellent doctors on my side at CentraState.” read more…

Lillian Digiovanni, breast cancer survivor

“The team there was so calming and the healing progressed exactly the way my doctor said it would. I’m completely relieved, and I’m thoroughly convinced that my course of treatment was the way to go.”  read more…

Alyce McKinley, skin cancer survivor

Our Cancer Navigators Are Here For You

Supporting Patients & Families Along the Cancer Care Continuum

A cancer diagnosis brings many challenges. Patients and their families may feel overwhelmed by the choices and decisions, and uncertain about the steps to take or where to seek assistance.

CentraState’s Cancer Navigator Program supports cancer patients and their families in managing the tasks and problems that can arise while coping with cancer. This support can be provided in various ways, such as educational materials, aid in identifying and accessing resources, referrals to support groups, and patient advocacy. The program involves a wide range of disciplines and makes use of the American Cancer Society’s internet-based referral process. The primary goal is to ensure that cancer patients receive quality diagnostic, therapeutic and support services on a timely basis.

The Cancer Navigator Program is offered at no charge to cancer patients and their families.

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