Breast Cancer Screenings

Early detection is crucial in the fight against breast cancer. That’s why national guidelines from numerous organizations, including the American College of Radiology and the Society of Breast Imaging, recommend that women start getting annual mammograms at age 40.  In fact, if a woman waits for her breast cancer to become evident as a lump, it will be larger and more likely to have spread. So the best thing you can do for yourself – and the people you love – is to be screened.

At the Star and Barry Tobias Women’s Health Center, we are here to make your breast cancer screening as quick, comfortable and seamless as possible, including:

  • Digital and 3D mammography
  • Accreditation as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology
  • Highly trained radiologists
  • Results by the next business day

No Prescription Needed for a Routine Mammography Screening

If you’re 40 or older, due for your “routine” mammography screening (12 months since your last normal mammography), and have no symptoms, just make an appointment and come on in. It’s that easy. You will receive your own results either that day or the next day via a phone call. You will also be sent a more detailed report of the findings.

If an abnormality is detected, our nurse navigator will contact your physician or the physician of your choice. If you don’t have one, she will help you find one.

Self-referred routine mammography screenings are covered by most insurances the same way they would be if you had a prescription. Medicaid requires prescriptions for all imaging studies.

It’s important to note, prescriptions are required for any “diagnostic” mammogram. Examples of conditions that fall within the diagnostic category include breast pain, breast lump, nipple discharge, call-back mammogram, follow-up to prior studies, and follow-up to prior biopsies.

To schedule a mammogram, fill out the form on the page or call the Women’s Health Center at 732-294-2778.

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